President Obama’s Mastery Of Humour To Humanize Himself

Obama has always been praised for his comedic timing and skills including his mastery of the art of using humour to humanize himself and at the same time advance his agenda. Even the harshest critics of the former occupant of the White House agree that his acerbic monologues during the White House Correspondent’s Dinner are definitely a must-see.

Before Obama, US presidents do not Tweet or post in Instagram much less appear on late night TV. While some of his posts have caught flak because some considered it as unbecoming of a president, most of his supporters considered it as his most appealing qualities. It was in 2009 when President Obama made history by appearing on a late night television show. His sit-in with Jimmy Fallon’s band The Roots was very memorable. In his signature baritone, President Obama made the case for his health care reforms.

At the memorable appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, the president read aloud some of the meanest tweets about him. At Stephen Colbert’s late night show, the president became the subject of a surreal faux job interview wherein the host chided for not being promoted during his 8 years in office. Obama quipped that there was literally no room for advancement in his last job. On one of his most recent appearances, Obama’s rapidly greying hair was the topic of discussion.

In all his appearances, you will notice the president’s willingness to poke fun at himself. The president is supremely confident of his abilities but he would mock at his shortcomings like his perpetual tardiness and the controversies surrounding the presidency. It is alleged that Obama is aloof but he is always at his best when using humour to disarm his vicious critics. To the chagrin of his daughters, Obama’s bad puns usually take centre stage during the annual Thanksgiving presidential turkey pardons.

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