Pest Control Included In Work Orders From White House

It may be common to hear of termite inspections in Sydney homes but you might be surprised to know that the Oval Office is not spared by these pests. According to work orders from the White House made public, there are roaches as well as mice found in the West Wing. Aside from pest control, the White House also needs to replace the toilet seat for the bathroom located in the Oval office. They are also looking for a H. R. McMaster’s new decorator.

For 2017, a lot of requests were sent by officials inside the White House which are mostly about pest control, repairs and equipment. These requests are forwarded to the building administrators which are working under the United States General Services Administration (GSA). This is the department responsible for all the maintenance required by the White House’s East as well as West Wing.

For the last two years, maintenance workers were questioned regarding reports of mice in the mess food service hall of the White House Navy and the Situation Room. Aside from mice, there are also reports of cockroaches found on the grounds while there are ants infestations in the office of the chief if staff.

Of the work orders, there are large and small ones such as the toilet seat which needs changing in the Oval Office and special instruction was made which is to do so after office hours.

Sean Spicer, the former press secretary of the White House, made a request to have new furniture as well as pictures inside his office. The record shows that it was made a few days after the inauguration.

While reviewing the work orders for 2017, it shows that the number of requests is almost the same as those requested during the last year of Obama in the office in 2016. The documents will prove that majority of the requests are made as soon as the inauguration day is over and some of these requests are coming from officials with high rank in the White House.

The record shows that maintaining a government facility is much like maintaining a home. The building also requires pest control the same as regular homes requiring termite inspections in Sydney aside from the known major renovations.