Other Professions Sending Clients To Accountants

If you are as a popular as Barack Obama, the former president of the United States and the first black president of the country, you will no longer need referrals in order to have a business. Sadly, this is not the case even with accountants that are categorized as having a high net worth. The top priority of the wealthy is to make sure that their finances are handled by a firm with chartered accountant insurance or else their practice will be compromised.

For accountants who are dreaming to work with the wealthy, there are various ways then can do so. In a recent survey conducted, however, it was revealed that nine out of every ten accountants are finding it hard to get new clients that have a fat bank account.

The most common methods used in finding wealthy clients include client referrals, attending workshops and events, referrals from a fellow professional in a different industry, cold calling and engaging in social media.

Some of these are more effective compared to other ways. The most unquestionable is getting a referral from professionals like you but working in another industry. A survey conducted with 394 accountants with high net worth showed that 85 per cent of them admitted that their top rich clients came from referrals made by other professionals.

The method is effective because other professionals have access to wealthy networks and because influential introductions are more likely to encourage them to try a firm. In the case of bankers and lawyers, their wealthy clients might be looking for the services of a reliable accountant and this is where the referral will come in.

Another professional introducing an accountant will only affirm the expertise of the accountant, highlight why they are the perfect fit for the job and placing an emphasis in the urgency to take action.

When this happens, the accountant will have clients with high net worth which will increase their net worth as well. Aside from this, chartered accountant insurance should be insured so that clients will feel better about signing with a new company referred to them.