Obama Visits DC Kids During The Holiday Season

The former president of the United States, Barack Obama, decided to change into a more casual outfit in exchange of his usual coat and tie as he decided to give a surprise to some of the kids in Washington, D.C. The kids are children going to middle school in the area. Too bad the former president was not wearing sheepskins but rather a leather jacket. He added a festive accessory to his outfit in the form of a red and white Santa hat.

Obama went to visit the Boys and Girls Club in DC in celebration of the holiday season. He visited the local kids and prepared gifts which he personally handed out to each of them. Around 50 of the local middle school kids were able to meet Barack Obama. They were happy after being able to shake his hands and cheer for him as he entre the door of the school while carrying a bag sack filled with Christmas gifts which placed over his should, very much like Santa Claus.

According to a tweet posted by the former President together with a photo of his surprise visit, the holiday season is the best time of the year to reach out to the community and give back the blessings he have received. He added that he was happy to be able to meet the young children who are part of the Boys and Girls Club of D.C.

Obama is known to be a native of Chicago and he, along with his wife, made a decision to stay in DC after leaving the Oval Office. The couple bought a home located in the neighborhood of Kalorama since Sasha, their youngest daughter, is still attending school at the Sidwell Friends School located in the northwestern part of Washington. Malia, their eldest daughter, is attending Harvard University as a freshman student.

The couple has been consistent in their public service even after they have left the White House. Obama continues to visit local schools as well as youth organization all over Washington. Here’s to hoping that he will wear sheepskins in his next appearance in order for people to see him a new look.