LODA Launched In London

It has been many years since the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, visited the Queen in London. During that time, there is no LODA or London Office for Data Analytics available. Fast forward to a few years later, there is now a newly launched London Office for Data Analytics in the city. The unveiling of the Smart Cities Roadmap was spearheaded by the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The main goal of developing this new innovation is to upgrade the current digital infrastructure of London. There are other effective means to navigate the city such as a London City Illustrated Map but this technology will help the city in meeting the demands of the current generation.

The Smart Cities Roadmap will help the 33 local authorities within the city along with public services as they reach the goal of harmonizing the data in London. This plan will be made possible by the launching of the new LODA or London Office for Data Analytics. The city authorities are already planning to launch more smart devices that is fully personalized for the need of the city such as lamp posts that has the capacity to keep track of the quality of the air since air pollution is one of the most current issue faced by London as it has already surpassed the maximum limit set by the European council.

According to a report, the number of local authorities that are currently equipped with a data portal with complete features only amounts to seven. The data portals they are using give them the ability to search, add metadata and to download data as well. The differences might be seen with the content of the platform and the structure with which it is created.

The roadmap added that the scale of London, what with the number of local authorities, large spaces, NHS Trusts and public agencies, is perfect to be the center of testing innovative ideas. While it is still good to look back and appreciate art in the form of London City Illustrated Map, a digital version is also helpful especially for those who are always connected online.