Let Boat Charter In Phuket Take You To What It’s Like In This Island

Phuket lies in the Andaman Sea with its pristine white sand beaches and clear blue waters. It is probably considered one of the best cruising destinations in the whole of Asia. President Obama may not have been here, but it is actually a beautiful island to experience especially with its fun activities and ancient sites. If you want to ride a boat charter in Phuket, you can go partying with your partner and friends, or drop an anchor in an uninhabited island where you have to share it with its wildlife. You can also go diving, especially that you see here magnificent marine national parks. You may also choose to try some Thai exquisite foods or venture into international cuisines in local restaurants, or choose to have them eaten while boating. Phuket has been made famous by films such as ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ and ‘The Beach’. You will see that it’s a total paradise once you have visited Phuket and the surrounding islands.

Highlights of a Charter in Phuket

  • You can go to PhangNga Bay and witness the spectacular limestone karsts and caves
  • You can visit the mangrove rivers where ‘James Bond’s The Man with the Golden Gun’ was filmed.
  • You can go to Similan Islands where it is consideredNational Geographic’s top ten diving spots, where you see the Hawksbill turtles, whale sharks and manta rays.
  • You get to meet the locals of KoPanyi, an extraordinary village built over the waters and only a boat charter in Phuket can take you.
  • You can go snorkelling, capturing photos and imagine you’re with Leonardo di Caprio, the star of ‘The Beach’ in Phi island.
  • You can sail down the Ko Rang Yai to visit a pearl farm most renowned for considerable pearling operations. You also get to buy pearls in all sizes from the island’s pearl shop.
  • See the incomparable limestone formation is some of the many islands like the Ko Kai.
  • Try international and local Thai cuisines in world class restaurants and go shopping for souvenirs in Phuket’s grand malls.
  • The boat charter in Phuket can take you to Racha Islands where you enjoy walking down the quiet beach.