Illustrated Maps Show How Obama Is Grief-Stricken By Louisiana Floods

President Barack Obama has traveled to the flood stricken Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and promises to help its people reconstruct in the next few months. The tour is visible in illustrated maps about the places he has visited.

After the tour, he said, “We are somewhatbrokenhearted due to the many losses of life.”

Mr. Obama ignored criticisms for arriving too late and commended state officials for their quick response.

The president came to meet the families of the Baton Rouge police officers and the family of Alton Sterling who were killed last month.

Mr. Sterling, a black man, was noted to have died in the hands of a white police officer.

His death, along with the police killing of Philando Castile in Minnesota, led to more protests and triggered racial tensions all over the country.

Two weeks later, another batch of police officers died with three more injured in a shooting incident near the Baton Rouge headquarters. The gunman, Gavin Long, was also killed at the scene.

Mr. Obama was highly criticized by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who visited Louisiana four days earlier, for not visiting the devastated area at once. It is remembered that Mr. Obama spent some time in Martha’s Vineyard for some peaceful vacation and to play golf. The trip is indicated in illustrated maps as part of his itinerary.

How bad is Louisiana flooding?

The deadly floods started on the 11th of August, where 13 people died and left over 2800 people in refuge.

On 14th August, the president declared a major catastrophe in Louisiana, where he permitted state access to federal resources to assist local officials with the cleanup.

As declared by the president, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) admits a disbursement of around $127-million in assistance.

Mr. Obama added, “It really seems hard to bear, when incidents like these can happen to this state. He wants to let the Louisiana people know that they are not alone in this times of hardships even after the TV cameras leave.”

The floods experienced in Baton Rouge, Louisiana have been described as one of the worst catastrophes experienced in the United States since the 2012 Hurricane Sandy. You may want to check Mr. Obama’s illustrated maps on this.