How US Presidents Differed In Their Choice Of Watches

Different brands of watches have graced the wrists and waistcoats of US presidents including former President Obama. Continue reading to find out.

According to stories, Marilyn Monroe presented John F. Kennedy with a gold Rolex watch for his birthday. However, the watch was given to aide Kenneth O’Donnell for disposal because it is evidence of an intimate relationship with the actress. In 2005, the watch which was placed inside an antique box with a love poem from Marilyn Monroe was sold at auction for $120,000.

When Bill Clinton was campaigning for the presidency and during his early days at the White House, he was always seen wearing the same watch, a humble Timex Ironman Triathlon. The watch was criticized as a digital plastic watch that is as thick as a brick and as handsome as hernia. Clinton gave up the digital watch for an analog with leather strap from French watch company Lip. After Clinton left the White House, he’s been known to wear a Panerai PAM 89 GMT, a Frank Muller, a Roger Dubuis MuchMore, a Kobold Seal and gold Cartier Ballon Bleu.

During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama was seen wearing a TAG Heuer, white dial, quartz model from Series 1500. In the summer of 2007, he was gifted by 3 of his Secret Service detail by a large Jorg Gray chronograph with a black dial. Last March 2015, Obama was photographed wearing a Fitbit Surge.

George W. Bush was pretty straightforward with his taste and this extended to his choice of watches. During and after the presidential campaign, he was wearing a Timex i-Control alarm watch which according to Timex was the easiest alarm watch to use. The watch was mysteriously lost when he was shaking hands with admirers in Albania in 2007 although some said that it was only placed inside his pocket.

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