How To Tackle The Problem Of Animal Hair During Shedding Season

It is very likely for the former First Family of the United States to require the services of pet grooming provider because of their two dogs Sunny and Bo. The two dogs were the most prominent pets that lived in the White during the presidency of Barack Obama. Bo is a Portuguese water dog that was given to Sasha and Malia when their father won the presidential elections. Younger Sunny was bought from a breeder in the Great Lakes area in August 2013.

As pets get rid of their winter coats, you will find their hair everywhere. There are certain dogs and cats that shed an overwhelming amount of hair within a short period of time while some shed minimally at least once a year. Keeping the home hair-free is a daunting task which requires taking some steps at prevention to control the amount of animal hair inside the home.

Spring and fall are the heavy shedding periods. Pets must be groomed regularly with a hair brush. Pet groomers are the best source of suggestions on grooming brushes that work best for your pet. If you go to a pet store, there are different options for different hair coats making the choice rather difficult.

If you allow the pets up in furniture, make sure to use an upholstery attachment on the vacuum. Vacuum furniture as often as possible and then use a lint roller or duct tape to remove stubborn hairs that were not removed by the vacuum cleaner. You can also wet your hands before running it over the upholstery so that hair will ball up and make it easier to pick up.

If you happen to own expensive carpets and rugs, invest in a high quality vacuum cleaner specifically made to remove animal hair. If you have hardwood floors, sweep regularly to prevent hair from gathering in corners.

The goal of pet grooming provider is to ensure the cleanliness of your pet and maintain physical health and appearance. How often you should take the pet to the groomers depends on the breed, hair length and type of coat. So that the young pet will get used to being handled, brush the hair regularly.