How Successful Can A California Drug Rehab Be To Addicts?

Barrack Obama emphasizes the importance of sending an addict to a California drug rehab for a successful journey. Every patient varies from each other especially with the treatment and recovery process they are provided with. The success of the drug rehab will depend on that someone if he wants to quit using drugs or not. On the other hand, drug rehab can be really successful if that person can return back to his usual home life and becomes functional without diverting back to the old lifestyle of drugs.

Overall Success

The California drug rehab programs have quite undergone a lot of research to make it successful. Internal statistics show how the programs have become successful and how they’veseen someone quit drugs. With such outcome, they can return to normal life without using drugs and become more independent. Many leave their previous criminal lifestyles for a better job, while they alleviate their social and psychological functioning.

Certainly, the result will have to depend on the individual participating in the treatment program.  Note that not all results are favorable. Knowing the extent of the drug abuse, what drug was used, and how significant and efficient the treatment program is to a patient will determine if he recovers or not.

How Addiction is Managed

For a good addiction management, one has to understand that addiction is just like any other disease that needs to be managed. People with diseases need the right treatment and follow-ups so they can live and control their lives. So drug abuse is a chronic disease which needs to be treated like asthma and diabetes do.

Why There Are Relapse

If the patient doesn’t respond well to the treatment, there is higher chance for relapse in drug abuse. It is similar to incurable diseases where the rate of recurrence of symptoms are chronic. Unfortunately, if such relapse happens to the patient, the whole treatment process in a California drug rehab center is a total failure.

An addict, when sent to a rehab center, will need a good treatment program and all the support from people around him. The treatment will also need follow-ups such as support groups to complete the program. Just like having cancer, a relapse will not always mean a failure, but a treatment program that needs to be continued to make him sober and functional.