How A 5 Star Boutique Hotel In Karon Can Make You Enjoy Karon Beach

Are you planning a vacation to Phuket, Thailand? Then this is the right place for you especially if you head to Karon Beach. In this beach, there are so many great things to do especially with the summer days packed with nature, great food and breath-taking sceneries. You’ll also want to stay in a 5 star boutique hotel in Karon for your accommodation.

To be in Karon Beach, you must be extra special as they can offer you a combination of beautiful nature and splendid infrastructure. There are many great hotels, restaurants and shops to find here. To convince you why you should come to this part of Phuket, here are things you can do in Karon Beach:

  • Stay in a boutique hotel that won’t cost you a fortune

Thailand is a great travel destination that fit those with various budget. They can go for a luxury hotel or settle for inexpensive guesthouses which are plenty in the Karon Beach. If you had to compare similar hotels in Europe and the USA, you’ll find that 5 star boutique hotel in Karon are cheaper here. As you’ll be spending your money in baht, you’ll find your euros or dollars can go a long way.

  • Enjoy the beach wherever you like!

In Karon Beach, you will be enjoying the beach. This little paradise is so special that you’ll see infrastructures that you don’t find anywhere in Phuket. There are trees and grass that surround the beach. You’ll surely feel more relaxed if you go for rental chairs and umbrellas, drinks and massage stalls. You can also watch the sunset on the southern part of the beach.

  • Experience various watersports

You can go snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding, parasailing or just floating on an inflatable bed. The seawater is at its best that you can choose any watersport and have fun. Snorkel and see the rocks at the south end of the beach. If you want to go deeper, book a diving session in one dive shop situated in front of the beach.

There are so many things to do in Karon Beach that you’ll want to stay in a 5 star boutique hotel in Karonfor more days to enjoy. Even Former President Barrack Obama would love to enjoy this place. So plan your trip well and make good memories at this beach.