4 Advantages Of GPS On Your Fleet

There are several reasons why companies install GPS or Global Positioning System on their fleet. There are those who install GPS to enhance security on their fleet while there are those who install GPS to enhance their service delivery to their customers. Whatever the reasons may be, having accurate and reliable GPS on your trucks and service vehicles would provide advantages to the benefit of your company. Here are some of those advantages:

Reduced fuel costs

Since drivers are aware that they are properly monitored, they will think twice about stalling or going to routes that are beyond their target destination. Because they will go directly to where they should be, you save on fuel costs and you also reduce the need to hire drivers more than you should. When you have reliable and high performing drivers, you also save not just on fuel, but also on labour expenses.

Enhanced safety of drivers

With a reliable GPS tracking system, your drivers become more confident on the road since they are guided by the system. They will also tend to abide by speed limits and traffic rules making them safer and also safer for your trucks and vehicles. The awareness of being tracked by a system makes drivers more circumspect on the road thereby reducing the risk of accidents on the road.

Better service delivery

Because your drivers are more efficient, they will arrive to their target destinations on time thereby providing better experience to your customers. Also, with an effective GPS, your dispatcher can easily locate your drivers and dispatch them immediately if ever there are last minute assignments to customers who are in close proximity to their current location.

Insurance incentives

Insurance companies, tend to provide incentives to trucking companies who utilize safety measures on their fleet. With reliable GPS tracking system, the fleet tends to encounter fewer accidents on the road so insurance companies can afford to offer discounts to fleet companies that utilize safety systems on their vehicles.  Talk to your truck insurance company on how you can get hold of these discounts.