Former President Obama Made History In Laos

It was September of 2016 when former President of the United States, Barack Obama made history in Laos for being the first sitting president to ever visit the country. While he was there, he tried his best to make up and apologize for the bloody history that happened during the unforgettable Vietnam War. He was also given the chance to experience what his life will be like once he is already out of the White House which happened two months ago.

Human history will never forget the time in 1970s when the United Stated decided to deploy over 2 million tons of deadly bombs on the country. This is the reason why Laos is dubbed as the most heavily bombed nation per capita in the history of humankind.

Obama made an announcement regarding a plan to give Laos twice the usual aid provided by the United States to the country. For three consecutive years, Laos will be receiving aid worth $30 million every year since the announcement.

After emphasizing that he is very much committed to take a step further when it comes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, he talked about his own life once he is out of the White House. According to the speech given by Obama in the town hall of Luang Prabang during the Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative, he is willing to work with young people through his presidential centre even after he has left the Oval office and step down as the president of the United States. He also added that his wife, Michelle, will continue to focus on nutrition but it is expected that she will be more involved in a global scale rather than just domestically as the Obama girls are now older.

The former president was able to experience a lot from Laos during his visit. He was photographed drinking from a coconut when he decided to stop to have a drink along the Mekong River located in Luang Prabang. His visit caused a positive effect to the businesses in the area including the luxury hotels in Luang Prabang.