Former President Obama: Enjoying Life Away From The Oval Office

The former president of the United States, Barack Obama and wife Michelle has returned from vacation in the British Virgin Islands and Palm Springs. Their new home is a $4.3 million 9-bedroom mansion in Washington’s Kalorama neighborhood, a few blocks away from Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s home.

After leaving the White House, the Obama’s spent their first weekend at Palm Springs, California with their two daughters, Malia, 18 and Sasha, 15. After Palm Springs, the former president and first lady went to the Caribbean home of billionaire Richard Branson. Branson’s home is a 74-acre stretch of sand in Necker Island. It has a luxurious resort that can accommodate 30 guests.

Photos and videos that emerged from the former president’s vacation showed him taking a stroll with Michelle in the British Virgin Islands wearing a full vacation outfit of shorts, polo shirt, flip flops and a hat worn backwards. Another video posted by Branson himself showed a friendly wager on who can stay longer on the kiteboard.

Branson is an avid kitesurfer and he wanted to know how long Obama can stay on the kiteboard. Everybody knows that Obama is very good at basketball but it looks like the former president is a natural at kite surfing. According to Branson, both he and the former US president fell many times but they kept on trying until they made progress. Until the last day, Branson and Obama were neck to neck but the former president won the wager.

Before he became president of the free world, Obama used to surf on the dangerous break of Hawaii. After an exhilarating season with Michelle at Moskito Island, the head of the president’s security team told him that it will be the last time he will enjoy surfing for 8 years. Yes indeed, for the past 8 years, Obama did not get the chance to surf and enjoy water sports.

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