Fly-By-Night Cleaning Operators Compromise Victoria’s Reputation

During the administration of former President Obama, a budget was allocated for child nutrition in schools and healthy school environment. The budget will provide the necessary technical support to effectively implement site-specific cleaning and disposal plans. EPA also provided support in enhanced use of pest management and green practices.

In Australia, school cleaners in Sydney ensure a clean and hygienic environment to provide students with a positive learning experience. However, in Victoria,public school cleaning contracts are being slashed to stop routine underpayment of cleaning staff and exploitation by rogue operators. A survey made by Union Voice revealed that 80% of 300 cleaners were underpaid with one woman earning as little as $2.63 per hour for the first working week.

Hundreds of fly-by-night sub-contractors are competing with professional school cleaners across the 1,500 state schools in Victoria. The backyard operators make use of sham Australian Business Number contracts that require cash payments. If not properly scrutinized, these operators can create a nightmare for consumers.

According to James Merlino, the Education Minister of Victoria, the government will reduce the number of large cleaning contracts from 100 to 8 next year to ensure that schools get quality cleaning services and for cleaners to be treated and paid properly.

Companies offering cleaning services to schools are required to hire from the current workforce that includes 150 individual traders who will keep their jobs. Contractors have to apply through the School Contracting Cleaning Panel that will allow them to bid for work in public schools. Companies that have a record of underpaid workers with denied public entitlements will not be awarded with school cleaning contracts.

Because of the fly-by-night operators that are competing for 1,500 school cleaning contracts, Victoria gained a reputation of having the worst school cleaning system in Australia. Careful scrutiny will ensure that reforms will be undertaken on all Victoria public schools.

A safe, hygienic and non-invasive environment is guaranteed by school cleaners in Sydney to enhance the confidence of students as well as their teachers. The cleaning staffs are dedicated to the delivery and implementation of a high standard of service. Majority of clients have renewed their contracts because of the satisfactory experience.