Delivery Courier Hermes Facing Legal Action

A reliable source revealed that the GMB Union is planning to start legal proceedings against Hermes, the delivery courier company.

According to Hermes, it currently has about 14,500 couriers located all over Britain that are considered to be self-employed.

The union is planning to contest the claim because of the fact that the couriers are working under the company and that they should receive the same rights that regular employees are receiving.

In October of last year, GMB started a case against Uber about similar issues and they won. According to their argument, the drivers should receive the national minimum wage, be awarded with holiday pay as well as sick pay.

Uber is currently making an appeal regarding the ruling which was bestowed by the employment tribunal based in London.

As of the moment, GMB has no comment about the matter but they will soon be filing a case under the same tribunal which is expected to happen in the coming weeks.

Victor Squires, a worker for Hermes in the last seven months gave an interview recently. According to him, he has had enough of the company thus he decided to break free from it on the 31st of January.

He admitted that he is not getting the minimum wage after he has to subtract the cost he needs to cover for using his own vehicle as a courier when making deliveries.

The last straw for him happened before the end of 2016 wherein an IT glitch occurred in the company. He along with 10,000 couriers has been overpaid by the company.

According to Hermes, the average overpayment that mistakenly occurred amounted to £25 but in the case of Victor, his next paycheck will be deducted by £61.90.

The interview with Victor lasted for three hours and around that time he was only able to earn £16.25 which means his hourly rate is only at £5.42 per hour.

According to Hermes, they have a record of the average earning of Victor and he was able to earn £8.85 every hour for the last 12 months which is more than the minimum wage amount.

Hermes revealed that they have no knowledge of any legal proceedings against them filed by GMB but they will surely contest it when it happens. Melbourne courier companies, on the other hand, are hiring full time staff that are earning within the standard wage.