Cool Roofs To Protect People From The Dangers Of Extremely Hot Temperatures

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the summer of 2017 is expected to be hotter than that of 2016, the hottest year that has been recorded in history. One of the ways to protect people from the hazards of extremely hot temperature is cool roofs.

What are cool roofs? In 2009, the energy adviser of President Obama suggested that all roofs must be painted white as part of the global efforts to slow down global warming. Professor Stephen Chu, the US Energy Secretary when Obama was still the US President said that homes in the tropical countries could save on money spent for air conditioning if the sun’s rays were deflected instead of being absorbed by dark surfaces.

Extreme temperatures in India increase the need for air conditioning in India but it also impacts on energy use. Those who have the money can pay for the energy used in air conditioning but it also causes air pollution. The poor who cannot afford air conditioning have to suffer from discomfort and eventually health issues due to heat.

Leading cities in India are now working towards solutions like cool roofs to ensure comfortable cooling without using too much energy. White coloured roofs can minimize interior temperatures in buildings because heat absorption is reduced. Temperatures are reduced by cool roofs because it emits thermal radiation that helps dissipate solar heat gains.

When the temperature of a building is brought down, it minimizes the need to use air conditioning and provides more affordable cooling for those who cannot afford to buy air conditioners and pay for energy use.

Roof temperatures can be reduced to 30oC and indoor temperature by 3 to 5 degrees centigrade through simple options like lime-based white wash, tarp-like coverings and white tiles. These options are more affordable for vulnerable groups during the extremely hot summer season. When cool roofs are implemented on a large scale, it can benefit the entire city and reduce the urban heat island effect.

Roofs are very vulnerable to several issues like poor insulation, improper flashing and gutter works that may require the services of Sydney roof repairs. If the problems with the roof are immediately attended to, it will minimize the repair bill.