Charges Laid Out Regarding Melbourne Salon Invasions

It’s unusual for people to hear of multiple victims of crime in Melbourne in the same day, let alone the same morning, with the same number of assailants and the same kind of victims: hair salons. But that’s exactly what happened late March, with two hair salons in the city victimized by three bandits. Now, Melbourne’s police has arrested and laid charges on three individuals allegedly involved with the break ins.

The trio, whose personal details have yet to be revealed, are aged between 24 and 38, and were all charged with burglary and theft-related infractions related to the hair salon break-ins, with one of the arrested suspects receiving an extra charge relating to assault.

The break-ins happened early of March 22, with the Nevo Hair Design salon on Essex Road, Mt. Waverly being the first victim, invaded and robbed just before 5 AM. The salon’s owner, Sean Nevo, went to confront the assailants, who he saw breaking in by smashing the glass with a rock. He was assaulted by the criminals, but managed to come out of the whole thing with only minor injuries.

According to reports, security footage from the salon itself, and statements from the salon’s owner, the culprits smashed their way into the salon and made off with hair straighteners before heading off in a white SUV; a Mitsubishi ASX station wagon, which was then found later, burnt-out and abandoned off of Garnett Reserve in the Mulgrave suburb.

An hour following the break-in at Mt. Waverly, another salon, Wellington Road’s Rowville, was then targeted, also having hair straighteners stolen from the premises. Following the incidents, police investigated the break-ins to see if they were connected to each other. The police revealed very little detail regarding the perpetrators, only revealing details regarding the getaway vehicles.Later on the same day, the three suspects were then arrested and charged for the burglaries by police.

These cases were notable for victims of crime in Melbourne, as a similar case happened in Essendon in February. In that particular incident, two hooded men broke into a hair salon on Buckley St., then made off with a suitcase full of hair products from the salon.