Can Privacy Films Increase Safety In Schools?

Privacy is a valuable commodity for many people. This is the reason why there is high demand for privacy film in Sydney as a better alternative to curtains and blinds. When President Barack Obama was still the president of the United States, he used to complain about the loss of privacy to being a leader of the free world. He missed the simple pleasures of life like a walk in the park or a trip to the supermarket or car wash. Being a president of the US, he certainly lost his anonymity.

Even schools in the United States are looking at privacy films as a viable option for the protection of students. Last week, Governor Rick Scott of Florida signed a $400 million bill that is designed to increase security in schools, mental health access and gun control after last month’s shooting at a Florida high school that resulted into 17 fatalities. According to the legislation, there will be provisions to put bullet-resistant glass, steel doors and automatic locking devices in schools.

There was no mention of privacy films for windows but it does not mean that schools are not considering the window film for protection. In fact, schools in Auburn, Alabama are planning to add security films on the interior glass walls for safety.

In a recent article from Tennessee’s Crossville Chronicle, window film was mentioned as an option for increased security measures. The article also states that there are various alternatives to enhance school safety like new door locks and bullet-resistant films for windows. Security films have laminated or polycarbonate glazing combinations that can provide ballistic resistance to a certain level.

In Albermale County, Florida, the school system is evaluating whether window film will be installed by the end of the year. In New Hampshire, officials of Laconia High School have already decided to install window film.

One of the best advantages of privacy film in Sydney is home safety. It prevents outsiders from seeing what is inside the home or business. Thieves will have no idea whether somebody is home or if the office is occupied making it less likely for them to attempt a burglary.