Can Government Ministers Overcome Their Differences At Chequers?

According to John Quincy Adams, there is nothing more pathetic than the life of a former president; however, former President Barack Obama seems to be enjoying his post presidency activities. Americans are still eager to be Obama’s audience whether it is in an outdoor event with marquees on the background. By the way, if you are planning an outdoor event, you can opt for marquee hire in Sydney for clear roof structure marquees.

Speaking of outdoor events, if government ministers are gathered together in a fresh setting, will they overcome their insurmountable differences? Skeptics certainly doubt whether the 11 government ministers meeting at Chequers can create a policy on Brexit. On the other hand, the outdoor event can boost their morale.

There are several suggestions on the popular activities that might appeal to the government ministers from the good old outdoor games that can encourage communication, collaboration and empathy among them. According to Charlotte Roach, the founder of Rabbie that creates outdoor games for corporate events, Capture the Flag would be a great way to be able to resolve the Brexit stalemate. One team could look after the European Union flag while the Brexiteers can hang on to the UK flag.

Corporate events usually focus on specific skills like leadership but bear in mind that it is also important to get to know the colleagues. In high performing teams, the members will go the extra mile for each other. Games can easily break down the barriers of communication particularly when the participants are at their least guarded moments.

Brexit already resembles a circus but ministers will enjoy a brand new experience of learning how to walk a tightrope, ride a unicycle, walk on stilts or juggle. The games are about balance and support as well as trusting people; traits that are very important when you are about to fail.

It makes sense to hold corporate events in the outdoors instead of confining them into an enclosed space. As protection against sudden changes in the weather, marquee for hire in Sydney will provide the clear roof structure marquee that ranges from 4 x 3m to 6 x 21m. The size must be good enough to accommodate a team of corporate executives.