Benefits Of Liveaboard Diving In Thailand

If you want to take your diving adventure to a new height, try liveaboard diving in Thailandif you have not done it yet. Liveaboard diving is just like any other diving trip but with a fun and interesting twist. Diving sessions are usually conducted during daytime or at night. However, with liveaboard diving, you stay in a private yacht or sailboat for a day or depending on the length of stay that you preferred. Liveaboard diving is widely offered in tropical countries such as countries in Southeast Asia, specifically in Thailand, where beaches are breath-taking and the Andaman sea is suitable for diving.

If you are wondering why liveaboard diving has become the latest sensation in the world of leisure diving, here are some of the reasons why.

    • Multiple diving within a day. Divers would be delighted to know that liveaboarding offers multiple divesin a day. If you are among those who can’t get enough of diving adventure, liveaboarding is for you. Since there would be multiple dives in a day, you can enjoy exploring underwater creatures and the rich marine life of Similan Islands in Thailand. You can even choose to go on night diving to feed the adventurist in you.
    • Relaxing and luxurious facilities. One of the good things about liveaboard diving in Thailand is you can have so much more aside from diving. The houseboats are fully equipped with posh amenities that offers relaxation after diving or while your companions are diving in the area. The houseboat features shaded and non-shaded sun decks. You can get enough sun from the non-shaded sun deck or watch the sunset in the shaded area. Another option that you can have is indoor and outdoor dining. You can also opt to have a romantic dinner under the stars or party with friends at night.
    • Experience local and international dishes. Aside from experiencing an unforgettable diving in Similan islands, you will also be served with authentic Thai dishes like no other. Having it in aliveaboard diving in Thailandmakes the experience even more remarkable.You will also be provided with a butler and a hostess to amplify the luxurious experience.