Barack Obama Topic Of A Fake News In Phuket

The former president of the United States, Barack Obama, is already living a peaceful life as a civilian along with his whole family but it does not mean that they are out of the public eye. In fact, he was the topic of the recent fake news published by an online site Someonesbones. According to the story which shocked the staffs of Trisara luxury resort Phuket, the former president has a mansion in Thailand which was raided with orders coming from the current president of the United States, Donald Trump.

The headline was published on the 27th of December at the website which detailed how the Delta Forces conducted a raid inside the compound owned by Obama in Thailand.

The post was also shared through the social media platform Facebook and many users have already flagged the article as fake news. The truth is that the photo used for the raiding article which shows the said Obama compound is actually a resort. According to a statement from the spokesman of the Pentagon, the story was only fabricated.

The website which published the false article, Someonesbones, is said to be dedicated in exposing corruptions that are happening in the government as well as scientific studies. There was no accompanying evidence on the post except for a statement from an anonymous source saying that Obama has real estate in various parts of the world and that he owns various shadow companies.

According to the fake news, Obama was able to secure a property in Thailand through the guise of Solyndra Corporation. His mansion is said to be located inside an estate spanning 400 acres.

One of the things that gave the article away is writing the wrong name for the Prime Minister of Thailand. Everyone including workers at Trisara luxury resort Phuket knows that the current PM of the kingdom is Prayuth Chan-ocha but the article said it was Nik Bukharin who is actually a political leader of the Soviet Union and has passed away in 1938. The photo of the compound used for the story was identified to be a luxury estate located in Phuket known as Villa Rak Tawan.