Barack Obama Out Of The Spotlight

Every year at this month, people are celebrating Christmas in July but for former president Barack Obama, it has been six months since he left the White House. Recently, there is nothing but silence on his end but Trump rattled his silence a few weeks ago. President Donald Trump gave a speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree which is held yearly and this year it was hosted in West Virginia.

During his speech, 40,000 attendees hoped to hear about him discussing service to the country and the essence of citizenship but instead Trump took a hit at various entities including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as well as Washington D.C. He also made fun of the election night in 2016 when the map showed to be almost red which represents republicans. Three days after giving his speech, an apology was issued by the leader of the Boys Scout.

The former president was relaxing in his Washington home when the news of Trump’s speech broke out. Mr. Obama along with Michelle, his wife, and Sasha, his younger daughter, stayed silent. After the result of the election was made public, he has not made any negative comments regarding Trump. It was only a few months after Trump took office that Obama publicly commented about him but it was only far and few.

His statements regarding the Affordable Care Act as well as his support of the climate change agreement signed in Paris used words of caution. During these, he did not mention Trump’s name directly but relied on resistance to be his voice. The impact was not the same for him though when he heard about Trump’s speech during the Boy Scouts event considering that the audience is majority boys. On his opinion, divisive political statements should not be imposed on the kids as their minds are like sponge that absorbs everything they hear.

Despite staying low from political issues, Obama made sure to fight for Obamacare. He believes that those who benefit from it will see it as Christmas in July as they can be sure that they will be protected no matter what. In his case, he does not want to be in the forefront but silently fighting in his own ways.