Aprilia To Allot More Budget For Next Year’s MotoGP

It was three years ago when the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, went to visit New Delhi, India. During his stay, he was able to witness the performance conducted by the personnel of the BSF which showcased their daredevil moves when it comes to riding motorbikes. After the performance, he was quite overwhelmed of the stunts and vocally expressed his intention never to ride a motorcycle. Up to this day, this became a funny story told among Aprilia UK dealers because they know how impressive motorcycle riding is.

Aprilia is recently making more efforts to show their determination to be known in the world of MotoGP. In fact, according to Aleix Espargaro, the manufacturer promises to invest more of their resources for the upcoming events in 2019. This announcement came after a number of times Espargaro has expressed how the company should invest more funding in order to get a better spot at the grand prix racing.He also added that in order for him to stay as a representative of the Italian vehicle manufacturer, they should be willing to increase the funding for the racing event.

This year is not the best for Espargaro because he was only able to gather 12 points during the five races conducted on the opening. This did not discourage the Spanish racer though and decided to sign his contract with the company up until 2020.

He discussed the signing with the chief of Aprilia, Romano Albesiano, and admitted that he was very disappointed with Jerez but he bestowed his full confidence with the company and decided to move forth forward in partnership.

The chief was also shocked with the result of the race therefore he decided to bring the matter to Roberto Colaninno, the president of Piaggio, in order to come to a new decision. At the end of the day, Albesiano called Espargaro to tell him that they are willing to invest more money and resources just so their motorbikes will be represented by the Spanish driver. The two parties are not the only ones happy because Aprilia UK dealers are also glad with the news as they believe it would boost the sales of their motorbikes.