A Brief Insight On Former President Obama’s Passion For Golf

There is no denying that former US President Obama has a passion for golf. During the 8 years he spent in office, Obama managed to play at total of 306 rounds, a commitment described by his critics as excessive. In spite of the criticism, Obama continued to play golf because it gave him the necessary escape from the demands of his job as president.

Past US presidents made the effort to keep their golf habit away from the public eye and Obama did the same. However, all his movements were well documented and pictures of him pacing manicured greens proliferated in the midst of a national crisis. As the years went by, the list of courses where he played increased. In 2013, during a Florida trip, Obama played a round with Tiger Woods which cost the government a huge sum because of security and the use of Air Force One.

Obama’s passion for golf is surprising because he is not a particularly good player. When he was elected president, he had 17-handicap that was believed to be rather generous. By 2016, Obama announced publicly that his handicap is an honest 13.

The former president feels normal when playing golf. He generally plays with former friends instead of forging bonds with other politicians. In the UK, he played a round with David Cameron on what people call as a mix between golf and business. Playing partners over the years have described Obama as someone who practices hard and approaches the game methodically. He never gets frustrated and neither does he swear after a bad shot. Obama is also extremely competitive and willing to play for money in small amounts.

The new US president is critical about Obama’s playing more golf than Tiger Woods because there isn’t much time for games; however, after his election victory, Trump was caught by the camera playing golf with Tiger Woods in Florida.

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