$20.8 Million Funding Received By Cityblock Health

Cityblock Health is a healthcare company that was established in order to service urban residents, under the Medicare and Medicaid, belonging to the low income bracket. The company announced that they have received a funding for the first round worth $20.8 million. The money could be used to employ healthcare IT services such as bluechip support and to help patients in their financial predicaments. The funding came from Thrive Capital, Maverick Ventures and Sidewalk Labs which is a division of the Alphabet Inc, the same company that established Cityblock.

Barrack Obama’s former acting administrator appointed at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service, Andy Slavitt, was also one of the investors through his new investment firm. Another investor of the Cityblock Health is Molina Healthcare’s former chief executive, Dr. Mario Molina.

The newly established company is aiming to better the level of care that is provided to patients with low income that are residing within the city neighborhoods. These patients will be able to avail of personalized care such as mental health coverage, be a part of social service programs and preventive visits.

The aim of offering these services is to make sure patient health is monitored thus unexpected emergency room trips will not be common and will not result to other healthcare issues that would require the patient to be admitted in the hospital.

Cityblock is working in partnership with many entities such as community organizations, healthcare providers and health plants in order to offer patients services with no additional costs. The company aims to launch its first healthcare hub in spring to be located in New York.

The founding partner and CEO of Cityblock, Iyah Romm, said that there are now many innovations backed with various ventures and systems that are based on modern technology such as bluechip support but the clients under Medicaid and residents of urban locations that have low income are mainly neglected. He is expecting that the company will answer these problems through an approach driven by data to cover clinical and operations delivery. Kaiser Family Foundation’s data showed that one in every five Americans are covered by Medicaid.